Methods of payment
How will the price of the properties sold on the platform be verified?
Each user of the platform will be able to inform the community in case they find a lower price on a competing website (which is in practice unlikely since, in the case of new real estate, there is only one and only one public selling price). This principle leads to a virtuous circle: the seller who does not update the selling price will receive a warning and, ultimately, and risk, if necessary, the freezing of his account.
Why is the platform an intermediary between buyers and sellers rather than offering a lower price negotiated with the seller?
This choice allows displaying a public price easily comparable with that displayed by the competing sites / stores.
Real estate
Why choose new real estate as the first market to launch the platform?
New real estate is a market that has not yet been revolutionized by internet and e-commerce. The founding members of the platform come from real estate development and real estate project financing. Their expertise in this market gives them a decisive advantage.
How does CleverPlace earn money?
Each purchase made entirely through CleverPlace generates a commission paid by the developers. The prices charged on CleverPlace platform are similar to those charged on other platforms or by the developer.
Customer account
Why become a member?
Members will have access to additional services such as exclusive private sales in preview, special offers of the developer on certain properties. Finally, the creation of a buyer community will allow CleverPlace to negotiate preferential commission rates with partners.
Is the platform accessible to all users, even those who are not members?
No, a big part of the commercial offer of CleverPlace is accessible to all users. On the other hand, only members will:
Have access to all details for every offer. Have access to private sale. Benefit from the extras offered by the developers.
I have sponsored a friend, what will I win?
The amount will be 1.000€ per transaction done through CleverPlace. Warning: This amount includes the social security contributions that CleverPlace will have to pay on what we pay to the sponsor. In the case of a sponsorship through a legal entity, please contact us.
When will I receive my gain from my sponsorship?
The gain from the sponsorship will be available when the sponsored person has completed the buying process and when CleverPlace has been paid by the developper.
I have sponsored a friend and I have not received anything, what can I do?
First, it is recommended to check with the sponsored person who bought through CleverPlace. Payment of the gain is possible if the sponsored person made a purchase through CleverPlace. In a second step, the user who has made the sponsorship must ensure that he has made his request for a win on his customer account. In case of difficulty, the user can contact customer service.
How can I claim my payment?
As soon as the gain from the sponsorship is indicated as "available" on the user's customer account and the account information is duly filled in, the user can make a payment request.
Generality on the platform
Why are buyers rated / reviewed?
In a collaborative system, rewarding positive members and warning the community against those who tend to abuse rules established by the community is essential. The system must be virtuous and allow everyone to understand the risks of a transaction. In the first phase of the platform which only offers new real estate, the problem will not arise because the bank guarantees the proper delivery of the built property (in France it is the GFA - Garantie Financière d'Achèvement). As soon as other business sectors will be integrated, the quality of the services or products provided by them may not be satisfactory to customers, so it is important to be able to warn through an assessment for any inconveniences encountered with a service provider.
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