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Terms of the ambassador campaign between individuals and CleverPlace
"These Terms are written in the French language and accompanied by a translation into English for information purposes only. Only the French version of the Terms is binding on the parties".
The purpose of these conditions is to define the terms and conditions of the sponsorship offer offered by CleverPlace and intended for individuals.
Date of the event & organizer
CleverPlace, a SAS (type of French company) is a real estate transaction company whose registered office is located at 8 Rue centrale 06300 NICE, registered under the number RCS Nice 838 371 151, holder of license no. 838 3/1 151 issued by the the Alpes Maritimes prefecture on 17/09/2018, is running a promotion called the "Ambassador Campaign". This promotion will run from January 01, 2019 to December 31, 2022 and may be renewed.
This promotion will be available at the following CleverPlace branches:
CleverPlace - 8 Rue centrale - 06300 NICE
Principle of the promotion
This sponsorship campaign allows an individual called a "Godparent", to recommend, without any other intermediary, a person, who by completing a transaction with CleverPlace becomes a "Godchild".
Participation in the sponsorship campaign is exclusively by means of the sponsorship form available in CleverPlace agencies or on our website www.CleverPlace.io. or www.CleverPlace.fr.
The participant undertakes to complete the sponsorship form by providing accurate information and filling in all the fields allowing him/her to be contacted in the event of a win (email address, title, surname, first name, profession, telephone, address, postal code, city, country, employer details (company name, address and Siret number), social security number, date and country of birth).
The completed sponsorship form should be submitted to a CleverPlace agency or sent back to our website www.CleverPlace.io. or www.CleverPlace.fr. Only the filing of the sponsorship form and the completion of the Godchild's transaction will entitle the holder to an award.
The participant understands and accepts that the information entered in the sponsorship form constitutes proof of identity. Participants accept that CleverPlace reserves the right to verify the accuracy of the data provided by the participants, if necessary by a request for proof. The participation of a sponsor in the sponsorship campaign will be cancelled if the participant refuses to provide the requested proof, as well as if the information provided is incorrect, incomplete, counterfeit or made in contravention of these terms; the proven intent to commit fraud or the demonstrated attempt to cheat by a participant, in particular by creating false identities enabling the participant to obtain the awards provided for in Article 5, may be sanctioned by the cancellation of all acquired gift cards, or potentially for CleverPlace to take legal action.
The sponsor
The sponsor must meet the following conditions:
Be an adult natural person, Be a member of CleverPlace, Not be bound by an employment contract with CleverPlace or one of its subsidiaries as described in Article 1, directly or indirectly, permanently or temporarily, Not have family ties (ancestors, descendants, siblings, cousins, spouse, partner) with a person being bound by an employment contract with CleverPlace or one of its subsidiaries as described in Article 1, Not to be one of the organizers of the operation of CleverPlace or its subsidiaries (Board of Directors in particular) nor to be a member of their family, Not to be a legal entity, Not to have a professional activity related to the marketing of CleverPlace services (real estate agents, builders, real estate marketers...)
The sponsor may have several Godchildren who in turn may become Godparents as soon as they become members of the CleverPlace.io and CleverPlace.fr platform, but the original Godparent will not receive gift cards for people recommended by his or her own Godchildren. In the event that two Godparents recommend the same Godchild, only one Godparent will receive the gift card, the date of sponsorship being proof.
The Godchild
The Godchild must meet the following conditions:
Be a natural person aged at least 18 years, reside in metropolitan France or in the French overseas departments, not currently have any current transactions with CleverPlace, not have been in contact with CleverPlace or one of its subsidiaries during the 12 months preceding the sponsorship date, subscribe to one of the services offered by CleverPlace.
These cannot be considered as a Godchild - child, spouse, existing or prospective customer of CleverPlace.
The sponsorship award for the sponsor consists of a gift card and will only be available for each new membership sponsored and duly registered by CleverPlace and when the sponsored person makes a real estate purchase through CleverPlace.io and CleverPlace.fr. The sponsor receives a gift card whose amount varies according to the service subscribed.
The amount of the gift card will be:
1000€ for each successful real estate purchase
150€ for each successful real estate loan sponsorship for an amount exceeding 100,000€,
150€ for each successful credit repurchase sponsorship,
150€ for each successful professional credit sponsorship,
250€ for each successful credit grouping,
150€ for each successful tax exemption.
Practical arrangements
The dispatch of the gift card to the sponsor is subject to the validity of the contract of the Godchild and the sponsor, and the gift card(s) are delivered to the sponsor in person or, failing that, sent by registered mail after completion of the transactions with the Godchild and within 30 days following the end of any legal periods of reflection or withdrawal. CleverPlace reserves the right to postpone the delivery of a gift card without notice by a maximum of 3 months following the end of the sponsorship campaign.
The award corresponding to a transaction is made available one month after:
The payment of the commission owed by the developer in the event of a new property purchase, the release of funds in the event of a real estate loan, the release of funds in the event of a credit repurchase or grouping of credits, the release of funds in the event of a professional loan, the signature at the notary's office in the event of tax exemption.
In the event that the Godchild exercises his or her right of withdrawal, the sponsorship transaction will not be constituted and the godparent will not be entitled to any award, the Godchild may recommend as many Godchildren as he or she wishes without any limit, however there will be only one bonus per transaction carried out, regardless of the number of Godchildren or legal entities in the transaction, after delivery of the gift card, CleverPlace is released from all responsibilities or duties towards the beneficiaries. Gift cards are not personal, the sponsor remains solely responsible for the use of the gift cards. They are valid until the date mentioned on the card or on the gift card website and can be used in metropolitan France to purchase goods or services in the Illicado network stores participating in the promotion. The sponsor may use the gift cards for purchases on one or more occasions, and possibly in addition to other payment methods. CleverPlace keeps a copy of the gift card sent to the sponsor. CleverPlace cannot be held responsible in the event of loss or theft of the gift card, nor for the non-use of the gift card before the expiry of the validity date. Under no circumstances will a replacement, refund or second gift card be provided. No exchange or return will be accepted from the date the gift card is sent by CleverPlace, and gift cards may not give rise to any form of monetary consideration, either in whole or in part. They cannot be exchanged or sold. They cannot be offset against any amounts due to CleverPlace.
Changes to the terms for the conduct of the promotion
CleverPlace reserves the right to cancel, extend, shorten, interrupt or modify the conditions of registration, change the awards or replace them with other products of equal value if circumstances so require, without having to justify its decision and without triggering any liability on its part.
In this case, the interruption or amendments to the conditions will be notified by posting on the website www.CleverPlace.io. or www.CleverPlace.fr.
Agreement of the Godchild
The sponsor must ensure that the sponsored person agrees to provide his or her contact information.
Any disputes arising during this sponsorship campaign will be settled amicably in the last resort by CleverPlace SARL according to the facts supplied by the complainant. The law applicable to these regulations and to the related operations is French law. Any dispute arising during the operation and which cannot be settled amicably will be submitted to the courts of CleverPlace headquarters at 8 Rue centrale, 06300 NICE. CleverPlace cannot guarantee compliance with the follow-up of the sponsorship campaign in the event of missing essential information.
These rules are made available to participants free of charge and in their entirety at the head office, in CleverPlace branches or will be sent by e-mail on request. No postal request will be accepted, and participation in this promotion implies the participant’s full, complete and unreserved acceptance of these rules and his or her commitment to comply with them without reservation.
These regulations are available online at www.CleverPlace.io. and www.CleverPlace.fr.
Reimbursement of participation fees
Participation in the promotion being free and open, no request for reimbursement of any expenses may be made to CleverPlace.
Data privacy
The participants in the promotion agree to receive the information necessary for the proper functioning of the promotion. Participants agree that their personal data collected during the sponsorship campaign may be used for commercial purposes and participants accept that the personal information collected is required for their participation. In accordance with Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, participants have the right to challenge, modify, correct and delete personal information concerning them. These rights can be exercised with the company CleverPlace by sending a letter to the following address:
Sponsorship Service 8 rue centrale 06300 NICE FRANCE
Date of last update of this sponsorship document: 2019/05/25.
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