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Coeur Mougins - Jardins des Sens - Bat A & C


Apartment 1 room to 3 rooms

11964 available goods at direct developer price.

418- 448 Avenue de Tournamy, 06250 Mougins

Backed by the hillside, the project offers an exceptional opportunity to live in the heart of a new district. Particular attention has been paid to its integration and its architecture has been designed to give way to plants, all this contributes to creating an authentic and Provençal atmosphere where the buildings are set in the heart of a beautiful landscaped area in a selection of aromatic essences.

A portal announces the entrance of the complex facing the calade stairs. Olive trees form a vegetal vault and create shaded areas. This central axis is punctuated by large natural stone landings evoking Provençal atmospheres.

All the apartments are designed with an open view to the outside thanks to ideally designed plans and interiors that offer comfort and functionality, the independence of the day and night parts preserves everyone's privacy, the spacious living rooms are largely open to natural light and the outdoor spaces offer pleasant extensions to the natural spaces.Everywhere, light invites itself into the interiors through deep terraces and pleasant balconies... All the apartments, from studios to three-room apartments, house living rooms with open kitchens to enjoy moments with family and friends... Living rooms, large bay windows offer for the most part a very nice view over the old village and the surrounding hills.

In the middle of the residence is the private swimming pool with its wide sunny beaches and its pleasant wooded pedestrian walkway bordered by low terraces. With views over the old village, it naturally finds its place for a refreshing swim or a delicious sunbath.

New district

Coeur Mougins - Jardins des Sens - Bat A & C
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Floor: 0 to 4 Int: 27.06 m² to 63.49 m² Ext: 7.63 m² to 49.63 m² Exp: North-East West East South North South-West South-East Pinel Terrace Balcony
23 available lots
Reference Type Surface (Int) Surface (Ext) Floor Price*
CP5976LA402 Apartment 2 rooms 43.56 m² 49.63 m² 4(Top floor) €328,000
CP5976LC202 Apartment 3 rooms 63.49 m² 9.29 m² 2 €364,000
CP5976LA403 Apartment 2 rooms 42.67 m² 23.63 m² 4(Top floor) €315,000
CP5976LA305 Apartment 2 rooms 43.68 m² 8.30 m² 3 €289,000
CP5976LA307 Apartment 3 rooms 60.98 m² 12.34 m² 3 €362,000
CP5976LA106 Apartment 2 rooms 43.68 m² 8.30 m² 1 €254,000
CP5976LA001 Apartment 3 rooms 63.33 m² 8.13 m² 0(Ground floor) €327,000
CP5976LA104 Apartment 2 rooms 42.30 m² 7.63 m² 1 €266,000
CP5976LA306 Apartment 2 rooms 42.94 m² 10.79 m² 3 €285,000
CP5976LC306 Apartment 2 rooms 42.90 m² 23.48 m² 3(Top floor) €342,000
CP5976LA206 Apartment 2 rooms 42.94 m² 8.36 m² 2 €287,000
CP5976LC005 Apartment 3 rooms 62.20 m² 11.93 m² 0(Ground floor) €369,000
CP5976LA303 Apartment 2 rooms 42.30 m² 7.63 m² 3 €280,000
CP5976LA003 Apartment 3 rooms 62.26 m² 18.11 m² 0(Ground floor) €340,000
CP5976LC201 Apartment 1 room 27.06 m² 10.78 m² 2 €197,000
CP5976LC004 Apartment 3 rooms 62.13 m² 12.04 m² 0(Ground floor) €360,000
CP5976LA204 Apartment 3 rooms 62.26 m² 14.99 m² 2 €365,000
CP5976LA203 Apartment 2 rooms 42.30 m² 7.63 m² 2 €263,000
CP5976LA304 Apartment 3 rooms 62.26 m² 14.99 m² 3 €372,000
CP5976LA006 Apartment 3 rooms 60.98 m² 9.80 m² 0(Ground floor) €338,000
CP5976LA202 Apartment 3 rooms 62.78 m² 10.93 m² 2 €353,000
CP5976LC102 Apartment 3 rooms 63.49 m² 9.29 m² 1 €363,000
CP5976LA207 Apartment 3 rooms 61.70 m² 12.88 m² 2 €348,000

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