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La Villa d'Estienne d'Orves


Apartment 2 rooms to 4 rooms

Avenue d'Estienne d'Orves, 91260 Juvisy-sur-Orge

The residence is perfectly integrated into its immediate environment, with architectural variations worked in the continuity of the historic urban fabric. Like the district, the project blends with charm the different architectural styles: art deco, contemporary and traditional Mansard-style roofing blend together with elegance and contribute to creating a unique atmosphere.

For the comfort of its residents, the residence offers the possibility of parking at the foot of the building, and offers a landscaped parking area that blends in harmoniously with the project. The presence of shops on the ground floor also makes everyday life easier.

The residence offers apartments from 2 to 5/6 duplex rooms. Designed to integrate gently and harmoniously into its immediate urban environment, the residence seduces by its aesthetics. Many elements echo the neighbourhood's single-family homes. The variation of volumes and styles, the alternation of materials and nuances, contributes to make the residence an architectural success and a place dedicated to the well-being of its inhabitants.

Close to shops and transport.

La Villa d'Estienne d'Orves
Direct price

From €235,000*

To €336,000*

Floor: 1 to 5 Int: 43.00 m² to 68.00 m² Ext: 2.50 m² to 4.00 m² Exp: North-East South-West Pinel Balcony Terrace
4 available lots
Reference Type Surface (Int) Surface (Ext) Floor Price*
CP6708LB502 Apartment 4 rooms
Floor: 5 Int: 68.00 m² Ext: 4.00 m² Exp: North-East Pinel Balcony Terrace
Direct price Developer €336,000*
CP6708LA301 Apartment 3 rooms
Floor: 3 Int: 57.50 m² Ext: 3.00 m² Pinel Balcony
Direct price Developer €298,500*
CP6708LA203 Apartment 2 rooms
Floor: 2 Int: 43.00 m² Ext: 2.50 m² Exp: South-West Pinel Balcony
Direct price Developer €240,000*
CP6708LA103 Apartment 2 rooms
Floor: 1 Int: 43.00 m² Exp: South-West Pinel
Direct price Developer €235,000*

Cap Lumière


Apartment 2 rooms to 5 rooms

1-3 Rue Wurtz, 91260 Juvisy-sur-Orge

The rounded, elongated balconies and honey-coloured panels that act as a view screen bring harmony and discretion to the outdoor spaces.

Thus, the 2- to 5-room apartments, with their generous interior volumes, are equipped with balconies, loggias or terraces, real additional living spaces. The installation of a green fence elegantly adorns the facade of the residence and reinforces this green setting for optimal tranquility.

Close to shops, leisure and schools.

Cap Lumière
Direct price

From €197,700*

To €397,600*

Floor: 7 to 9 Int: 39.30 m² to 100.20 m² Ext: 4.90 m² to 44.50 m² Exp: North-West Pinel Terrace Loggia
3 available lots
Reference Type Surface (Int) Surface (Ext) Floor Price*
CP6552LA85 Apartment 5 rooms
Floor: 8 Int: 99.10 m² Ext: 7.40 m² Pinel Terrace
Direct price Developer €351,500*
CP6552LA74 Apartment 2 rooms
Floor: 7 Int: 39.30 m² Ext: 4.90 m² Exp: North-West Pinel Loggia Terrace
Direct price Developer €197,700*
CP6552LA93 Apartment 5 rooms
Floor: 9 Int: 100.20 m² Ext: 44.50 m² Pinel Terrace
Direct price Developer €397,600*

Carré blanc


Apartment 1 room to 2 rooms

18 Rue Georges Risler, 91260 Juvisy-sur-Orge

Between classicism and modernism, the residence seduces at first sight. It combines a sober and elegant architecture with Art Deco elements such as the front door with its wrought ironwork. A carefully landscaped contemplative garden offers residents a glimpse of greenery in the heart of the city.

The facades feature high-quality materials through white, beige and grey plasters that generously reflect light. Carried by an elegant base of facing stone, the base completes the refined architectural style. The beautiful volumes of the balconies and terraces in the attic give rhythm to the whole.

From studios to 4-room apartments, the well-designed apartments are designed down to the smallest detail for your comfort. The living rooms are extended for the most part with a balcony. A few privileged people enjoy large terraces in the attic, up to 56 m2, offering unobstructed views of the city. Vast stays gain in volume thanks to their open kitchens becoming warm places where family and friends meet.

Close to shops, transport and schools.

Carré blanc
Direct price

From €206,000*

To €251,000*

Floor: 0 to 5 Int: 36.12 m² to 42.37 m² Ext: 6.21 m² to 7.19 m² Exp: North-West Pinel Loggia Terrace
3 available lots
Reference Type Surface (Int) Surface (Ext) Floor Price*
CP6535L1005 Apartment 1 room
Floor: 0(Ground floor) Int: 36.12 m² Exp: North-West Pinel
Direct price Developer €206,000*
CP6535L1304 Apartment 2 rooms
Floor: 3 Int: 42.37 m² Ext: 6.21 m² Exp: North-West Pinel Loggia Terrace
Direct price Developer €215,000*
CP6535L1503 Apartment 2 rooms
Floor: 5 Int: 42.04 m² Ext: 7.19 m² Exp: North-West Pinel Terrace
Direct price Developer €251,000*

L'Elégance du Parc


Apartment 1 room to 2 rooms

52 Avenue de la Cour de France, 91260 Juvisy-sur-Orge

On the heights of the city, the residence subtly reveals its two small buildings between modernity and tradition. Each of them has a distinguished architectural identity: a Mansard-style crowning for one and an attic level for a more contemporary aspect for the other. On the street side, the carefully treated façades are perfectly aligned in two distinct sequences, personalised by a grinding stone or light beige stone coating on the underside. The roofs are animated by a variation of modern and durable materials such as zinc, slate or wooden slats.

From studios to 5-room apartments, the apartments are carefully designed to offer the most suitable layouts and exhibitions for an optimal quality of life. Beautiful exterior surfaces extend the interiors, allowing you to enjoy the sunny days with family or friends. The choice of materials is carefully made and the finishes designed in the smallest details to guarantee durability and comfort at all times.

Close to all shops, schools....

L'Elégance du Parc
Direct price

From €171,000*

To €235,000*

Floor: 0 to 3 Int: 29.45 m² to 53.51 m² Ext: 17.15 m² Exp: South-East West Pinel Terrace
2 available lots
Reference Type Surface (Int) Surface (Ext) Floor Price*
CP6294LB305 Apartment 1 room
Floor: 3 Int: 29.45 m² Exp: South-East Pinel
Direct price Developer €171,000*
CP6294LB003 Apartment 2 rooms
Floor: 0(Ground floor) Int: 53.51 m² Ext: 17.15 m² Exp: West Pinel Terrace
Direct price Developer €235,000*

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