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Apartment 3 rooms

1-3 Avenue des Cottages, 92340 Bourg-la-Reine
Direct price €443,000* Developer

The residence offers you apartments, from studio to 5-room, entirely dedicated to well-being. Everyone benefits from functional facilities, beautiful finishes and optimized spaces, which adapt to all lifestyles. To ensure that the sun provides a warm and soothing atmosphere throughout the day, the stays open onto the outside and allow light to penetrate generously.

The large balconies, vast terraces, beautiful loggias and private gardens on the ground floor are designed as real living rooms, to enjoy moments of relaxation with family or friends. Some apartments have large roof tops in duplexes. The private gardens provide real privacy and create a beautiful green space in the heart of the project.

A plant motif is also available to the inhabitants in a skilful gradation of coloured flowers and tall stalked trees alongside hedges of various species and deciduous foliage that persist throughout the year. All these elements together aim to leave an important place for nature in this urban environment.

Floor: 4 Int: 64.80 m² Exp: West Pinel

Property information

Type Apartment
Number of rooms 3
Surface 64.80 m²
Floor 4
Direct developer price €443,000*
Delivery date 4/2021
*Legal information on prices and stock: Prices and availability of the lots communicated by the promoters, subject to permanent evolutions and updates.
9 other available lots
Reference Type Surface (Int) Surface (Ext) Floor Price*
CP6614LA423 Apartment 2 rooms
Floor: 4 Int: 42.00 m² Exp: North-West Pinel
Direct price Developer €329,000*
CP6614LA552 Apartment 5 rooms
Luxury Floor: 5 Int: 92.90 m² Ext: 20.00 m² Exp: West Pinel Terrace
Direct price Developer €747,000*
CP6614LA551 Apartment 5 rooms
Floor: 5 Int: 96.60 m² Ext: 5.90 m² Exp: South-West Pinel Terrace
Direct price Developer €737,000*
CP6614LB141 Apartment 4 rooms
Floor: 1 Int: 86.70 m² Ext: 5.20 m² Exp: South-East Pinel Balcony Terrace
Direct price Developer €576,000*
CP6614LB123 Apartment 2 rooms
Floor: 1 Int: 43.10 m² Ext: 4.20 m² Exp: North-East Pinel Balcony Terrace
Direct price Developer €327,000*
CP6614LB135 Apartment 3 rooms
Floor: 1 Int: 61.20 m² Ext: 3.20 m² Exp: South Pinel Terrace
Direct price Developer €455,000*
CP6614LB441 Apartment 4 rooms
Luxury Floor: 4 Int: 85.20 m² Ext: 6.40 m² Exp: South-East Pinel Balcony Terrace
Direct price Developer €699,000*
CP6614LB235 Apartment 3 rooms
Floor: 2 Int: 61.20 m² Ext: 3.70 m² Exp: South Pinel Balcony Terrace
Direct price Developer €453,000*
CP6614LA434 Apartment 3 rooms
Floor: 4 Int: 64.80 m² Exp: West Pinel
Direct price Developer €443,000*

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