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Apartment 1 room

8 Avenue de Villacoublay, 92140 Meudon
Direct price €230,000* Developer

The residence is distinguished by its original design around a unique green space, designed as an extension of the forest at the heart of the project. Here, trees rub shoulders with nest boxes, stairs and other sculptures to create a peaceful and authentic landscape, where fauna, flora and artistic creation mingle to make quality of life an art.

If the residence praises a perfect harmony between nature and architecture, the realization also advocates a certain continuity with the built landscape of the district, while remaining in phase with our time. Playing on ratios of solids and voids, the realization favours natural materials such as wood, stone and vines. It also offers beautiful extensions towards the outside as well as private gardens in order to better meet today's desires: living in the city, while benefiting from an additional living space, for an uncompromising comfort. Also encouraging the emergence of lush forest vegetation in the heart of the residence, the architecture of the residence allows nature to advance not only within life, but also within the city.

From studios to 5-room apartments, including beautiful 4-bedroom family duplexes, the apartments reflect its architecture: refined and neat. Spacious and bathed in light, their beautiful living rooms leave a real freedom of design, to better meet everyone's desires for a home. True havens of peace preserved from the hustle and bustle of the outdoors, most of them have relaxing views of the authentic nature located in the heart of the islet. A large part of the apartments also offer pleasant terraces and balconies or beautiful private gardens, all facing the vegetation. On the top floor, roof-tops* complete the infinitely great art of living advocated by the residence.

Bouygues Valorissimo
Floor: 3 Int: 38.62 m² Exp: North-East Pinel

Property information

Type Apartment
Number of rooms 1
Surface 38.62 m²
Floor 3
Direct developer price €230,000*
Delivery date 2/2020
*Legal information on prices and stock: Prices and availability of the lots communicated by the promoters, subject to permanent evolutions and updates.
8 other available lots
Reference Type Surface (Int) Surface (Ext) Floor Price*
CP5037LC332 Apartment 5 rooms
Floor: 3 Int: 94.07 m² Ext: 5.69 m² Exp: North-East Pinel Balcony Terrace
Direct price Developer €485,000*
CP5037LC343 Apartment 4 rooms
Floor: 4 Int: 75.35 m² Ext: 29.40 m² Exp: South-West Pinel Terrace
Direct price Developer €456,000*
CP5037LF621 Apartment 3 rooms
Floor: 2 Int: 63.07 m² Ext: 4.24 m² Exp: North-East Pinel Loggia Terrace
Direct price Developer €345,000*
CP5037LA144 Apartment 4 rooms
Floor: 4 Int: 83.37 m² Ext: 5.57 m² Pinel Balcony Terrace
Direct price Developer €446,000*
CP5037LC301 Apartment 5 rooms
Floor: 0(Garden level) Int: 93.13 m² Ext: 33.94 m² Exp: North-East Pinel Terrace Garden
Direct price Developer €485,000*
CP5037LE553 Apartment 5 rooms
Floor: 5 Int: 102.71 m² Ext: 121.57 m² Pinel Loggia Terrace
Direct price Developer €630,000*
CP5037LE551 Apartment 5 rooms
Floor: 5 Int: 103.61 m² Ext: 132.25 m² Pinel Loggia Terrace
Direct price Developer €640,000*
CP5037LE523 Apartment 4 rooms
Floor: 2 Int: 78.72 m² Ext: 10.53 m² Exp: West Pinel Loggia Terrace
Direct price Developer €431,000*

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