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O Domaine - Tranche 2


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6 Rue Lionel Terray, 92500 Rueil-Malmaison

The residence takes its place harmoniously in the village and brings an exclusive imprint. The buildings unfold in total symbiosis with the landscaped gardens and gracefully embrace the slopes of the land. The ensemble, with its contemporary lines, is both very homogeneous and rich in nuanced architectural effects. In a gradual treatment, it offers a perfect transition from the street, and participates in the creation of a neighborhood that favors openings.

With light lines, the buildings are erected in various heights and in a series of empty and full spaces, favouring visual breakthroughs towards the heart of the islands. A rhythm that is expressed as much through the diversity of the materials used as through the rhythm of the volumes and outdoor spaces. The metal-roofed pavilions, resting on generous terraces, are laid out like terraced apartments. A combination of glazed concrete, bricks and lighter shades, depending on the buildings and floors, offers contrasts that further reveal the diversity of the volumes.

The white perforated metal screens and the champagne-coloured loggias' backgrounds, present here and there, reinforce the very current play of reliefs. Attics with alternating heights cut out the skyline.

In the residence, nature is staged in multiple atmospheres through exceptional gardens... an invitation to reconnect with the essential. Faithful to the spirit of the place, these landscaped areas allow for conviviality while preserving the privacy of the residents.

In reference to the birch forests, the white courtyard will be composed of plants with light tones. Present all year round, white will increase the effects of light, especially through these trees with their bright bark. They will be accompanied by other species in spring and summer such as magnolias or hydrangeas. The flamboyant courtyard is inspired by moorland landscapes, with a dominant of heather. It is characterised by bright floral colours and compact, rounded shapes. It is composed of fragrant shrubs with remarkable flowering in spring and winter: dogwoods, witch hazel...

The meditation garden calls for relaxation. A plant niche is built in the heart of the islet, where water finds a central place. This space, planted with different plant strata, will create a dynamic garden, changing with the seasons. Its trees will provide a visual filter, a discreet atmosphere around the pool. The garden of the pergola will represent a rural and bucolic landscape thanks to the presence of the large trees preserved. It is inspired by English gardens, where nature, seemingly wild, is in reality mastered. The central path will invite you to discover the different scenes of the garden, a place to observe nature.

Reflecting the natural and airy soul that intoxicates the place, the apartments with their high standard of comfort are imagined and designed with the greatest care. Available from cosy studios to 5-room apartments, ideal for large families, they offer beautifully spacious settings where well-being is subtly revealed room by room. Very luminous, some take advantage of a double exposure, for an omnipresent light to enjoy every day. Open to the outside and offering unobstructed views, most of the apartments are extended by beautiful loggias, balconies or private gardens. The top floors have roof terraces; some offer a unique panorama of Paris at a glance.

In communion with the gardens of the residence, these outdoor spaces give rise to a resolutely exclusive art of living... in the open air!

Close to shops, services, sports facilities, leisure activities...

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