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Le Jardin de Beauvoir


Apartment 3 rooms to 4 rooms

60 Cours des Roches, 77186 Noisiel

The residence participates actively by its presence in the new face of the neighbourhood. Built on 2 basement parking levels, the residence hosts apartments from studio to 4-room. This project pays homage to the classic urban writing of the region. The choice of materials used for the finishing touches reinforces its interpretation and the quality of the proposed treatment. Deliberately limited to gray and white, the colors are declined through a play of textures that brings a richness to the residence while preserving its simplicity.

In the upper floors, this city building benefits from a composition in 2 sequences: facing bricks from the ground floor to the 4th floor, zinc melting into the sky for the attic of the 5th floor. The project is also punctuated by loggias offering residents high-quality private outdoor spaces. They underline the horizontality of the façades and give the feeling of lowering the built volume. Their backgrounds are coated with white plaster to create effects of depth and contrast. The railings are discreetly designed with clear sandblasted glass in the handrails or a straight rail at the top. All these details illustrate a desire for insertion, integration and modernization of the district!

U-shaped, the residence has a beautiful shared garden at the back. Flower beds and shrubs in shades of purple, red and yellow make up a quality decor that awakens the senses in all seasons. Benches located at different levels of the garden invite you to take a welcome break to contemplate the beauty of these landscaped areas. 3 trees sublimate this space by the remarkable character of their bark (like the Japanese cherry tree and its red tonality) or the original shape of their foliage (like the Cecidiphyllum Japonicum, otherwise known as the Caramel Tree). A beautiful spectacle to be appreciated at the walker's level, as from the upper floors of the residence!

The residence houses a number of privileged apartments. This is the case, for example, of the apartments located on the ground floor of the interior façade. Their living room is extended by a terrace and a small private garden, delimited by evergreen hedges ensuring permanent privacy. The exception is also found on the top floor of the residence. Its recessed treatment makes the nest to unsuspected apartments, similar to villas on the roof. The terrace bordering them is generously sized and even multi-oriented, depending on the case. It offers a favourite space for relaxation: sharing moments of complicity with your children who make it a pleasant playground, reveling in the intimacy of the sun's rays, entertaining friends for a dinner under the stars... Here, at home, it's as if you were somewhere else... in communion with the sky!

Close to shops, services, sports and leisure facilities...

Le Jardin de Beauvoir
Direct price

From €268,600*

To €325,400*

Floor: 0 to 4 Int: 61.97 m² to 85.70 m² Ext: 5.82 m² to 22.12 m² Exp: West South-West South Pinel Outdoor parking Balcony Terrace
4 available lots
Reference Type Surface (Int) Surface (Ext) Floor Price*
CP6065LB404 Apartment 3 rooms
Floor: 4 Int: 61.97 m² Ext: 5.82 m² Exp: West Pinel Outdoor parking Balcony Terrace
Direct price Developer €272,000*
CP6065LB304 Apartment 3 rooms
Floor: 3 Int: 61.97 m² Ext: 5.82 m² Exp: West Pinel Outdoor parking Balcony Terrace
Direct price Developer €268,600*
CP6065LA203 Apartment 4 rooms
Floor: 2 Int: 85.70 m² Ext: 8.36 m² Exp: South-West Pinel Outdoor parking Balcony Terrace
Direct price Developer €325,400*
CP6065LC006 Apartment 3 rooms
Floor: 0(Ground floor) Int: 64.73 m² Ext: 22.12 m² Exp: South Pinel Outdoor parking Terrace
Direct price Developer €290,600*

Central Garden


Apartment 4 rooms

91 Cours des Roches, 77186 Noisiel

From studios to 5-room family apartments, through 3- and 4-room crossover apartments, the majority of the 87 apartments open onto a private open-air space: loggia, garden level terrace, balcony running to the top levels of the interior facade... or even better: splendid multi-oriented terrace extending a 4-room duplex on the attic level!

Their decoration is sober and trendy, easily customizable according to the personality of their occupants.

Close to all amenities

Central Garden
Direct price €330,100* Developer
Floor: 5 Int: 76.20 m² Ext: 9.50 m² Pinel Outdoor parking Terrace
1 available lots
Reference Type Surface (Int) Surface (Ext) Floor Price*
CP5400LC54 Apartment 4 rooms
Floor: 5 Int: 76.20 m² Ext: 9.50 m² Pinel Outdoor parking Terrace
Direct price Developer €330,100*

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