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Apartment 2 rooms

1-4 Rue de la Guette, 93330 Neuilly-sur-Marne
Direct price €192,600* Developer

With 43 apartments from studio to 4-room, the residence is based on 2 levels of underground parking and rises to 4 floors on the ground floor. A 5th floor in the attic, with spacious terraces, brings together the crowning glory of the complex. Combined with a judicious choice of materials, its architectural design reflects a desire to live in harmony with the surrounding urban fabric. The red brick of the base is used, for example, to echo the surrounding buildings. The facades are covered with white or coral red plaster as standard parts. They are highlighted by a work on rhythm. The entrance hall is an illustration of this. Its vertical extension visually splits the facade into 2 volumes while making way for spacious balconies. Other elements of composition participate in concert: the colourful contrast of the balcony slabs, the concordance of the anthracite joinery and railings, the authentic touch of the wood-look shutters... And, so many neat details offering a contemporary and elegant silhouette.

On the back of the property, the residence reserves for the occupants of the ground floor an appreciable privilege in an urban environment: the tranquility of private gardens, lined with lawn. What could be better for a qualitative outdoor life? For young and old alike, these green spaces are a pleasant place to play and breathe and to enjoy at leisure. We have breakfast in the open air, we rest in the shade of the trees... From the interiors, it is just as pleasant to contemplate, over the seasons, the colourful spectacle of foliage and flowers. The apartments on the threshold of the residence also benefit from a small corner of nature of their own, confidentialized by living hedges.

Restoring its letters of nobility to the comfort of city life, the residence ensures that its residents' horizons are opened to pleasant private square metres in the open air. The large bay windows of the apartments accentuate this feeling of openness and space. In the upper floors, as in the attic, some even offer the privilege of a multi-oriented terrace. All year round, the sunshine is optimal and guarantees well-being for all. As soon as the weather is fine, it takes on the appearance of a perched garden, a relaxation lounge, an open-air reception area....

Les Nouveaux Constructeurs Prescipteurs
Floor: 4 Int: 40.05 m² Ext: 2.33 m² Exp: North-West Pinel Outdoor parking Balcony

Property information

Type Apartment
Number of rooms 2
Surface 40.05 m²
External surface 2.33 m²
Floor 4
Direct developer price €192,600*
Delivery date 4/2020
*Legal information on prices and stock: Prices and availability of the lots communicated by the promoters, subject to permanent evolutions and updates.
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CP5843L103 Apartment 2 rooms
Floor: 1 Int: 40.59 m² Ext: 3.10 m² Exp: North-East Pinel Outdoor parking Terrace
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CP5843L407 Apartment 4 rooms
Floor: 4 Int: 83.86 m² Ext: 4.03 m² Exp: West Pinel Outdoor parking Balcony Terrace
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CP5843L401 Apartment 2 rooms
Floor: 4 Int: 40.05 m² Ext: 2.33 m² Exp: North-West Pinel Outdoor parking Balcony
Direct price Developer €192,600*
CP5843L406 Apartment 4 rooms
Floor: 4 Int: 82.77 m² Ext: 8.98 m² Exp: South-West Pinel Outdoor parking Balcony Terrace
Direct price Developer €288,900*
CP5843L304 Apartment 3 rooms
Floor: 3 Int: 61.33 m² Ext: 2.32 m² Exp: North-East Pinel Outdoor parking Balcony
Direct price Developer €251,000*

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