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Les Terrasses Magellan


Apartment 2 rooms to 5 rooms

Boulevard du Mont d'Est, 93160 Noisy-le-Grand

The realization is distinguished by its slender architecture and unique composition, playing with withdrawals and withdrawals.

Built on a largely glazed base, dedicated to shops, the residence reveals two buildings, united at the level of the base and then separated in the floors by leaving room for a green terrace. This harmonious design is underlined by the quality of the cladding. On the facade, the white plaster, providing maximum clarity, is enhanced by the wood of the loggias, joinery and PVC roller shutters. Designed with an eye for detail, the loggias feature planters to support the charm of the whole!

From studios to 5-room apartments, the vast majority of apartments in the residence open onto a balcony or terrace. On the ground floor, most of them are available as artist's studios. The double height living rooms, vast and bright with their bay windows, are extended by a pleasant private garden.

Shops at the foot of the building, close to schools....

Les Terrasses Magellan
Direct price

From €187,500*

To €451,000*

Floor: 0 to 7 Int: 39.23 m² to 108.02 m² Ext: 6.02 m² to 54.81 m² Exp: South-East North-West South-West North South West North-East Pinel Terrace Garden Loggia Balcony
16 available lots
Reference Type Surface (Int) Surface (Ext) Floor Price*
CP6279LA02 Apartment 2 rooms 42.75 m² 26.25 m² 0(Garden level) €187,500
CP6279LB54 Apartment 4 rooms 76.72 m² 6.02 m² 5 €319,000
CP6279LA41 Apartment 4 rooms 79.03 m² 29.24 m² 4 €334,000
CP6279LA32 Apartment 2 rooms 39.23 m² 8.03 m² 3 €224,500
CP6279LA52 Apartment 3 rooms 69.25 m² 9.61 m² 5 €293,000
CP6279LB42 Apartment 4 rooms 78.75 m² 19.11 m² 4 €327,000
CP6279LA51 Apartment 4 rooms 79.06 m² 17.93 m² 5 €335,000
CP6279LA16 Apartment 3 rooms 63.71 m² -1.00 m² 1 €259,000
CP6279LA42 Apartment 3 rooms 69.25 m² 9.61 m² 4 €291,000
CP6279LA33 Apartment 3 rooms 59.19 m² 7.87 m² 3 €257,000
CP6279LB13 Apartment 3 rooms 61.70 m² 6.42 m² 1 €257,000
CP6279LB62 Apartment 5 rooms 108.02 m² 54.81 m² 6 €451,000
CP6279LA71 Apartment 4 rooms 79.17 m² 7.12 m² 7 €321,000
CP6279LB12 Apartment 4 rooms 78.75 m² 38.41 m² 1 €326,000
CP6279LB04 Apartment 3 rooms 76.76 m² 8.88 m² 0(Ground floor) €298,000
CP6279LB64 Apartment 4 rooms 76.72 m² 8.65 m² 6 €323,000



Apartment 3 rooms to 4 rooms

Avenue Médéric, 93160 Noisy-le-Grand

Composed of 4 buildings topped with an attic, your new address is an invitation to live well. Deep balconies, large terraces on the exposed roof: each apartment has a beautiful outdoor living space for convivial moments with family or friends. From studios to 4-room apartments, the apartments are spacious and pleasant to live in.

Each apartment offers you maximum comfort and particularly spacious living rooms. The large bay windows let in natural light for bright and warm interiors. Inside and outside, enjoy calm and soothing moments.

Close to schools, shops, leisure activities,...

Direct price

From €277,000*

To €342,000*

Floor: 1 to 4 Int: 65.95 m² to 80.91 m² Ext: 8.02 m² to 14.00 m² Exp: South Pinel Balcony Terrace
6 available lots
Reference Type Surface (Int) Surface (Ext) Floor Price*
CP6209LA102 Apartment 3 rooms 66.87 m² 9.92 m² 1 €282,000
CP6209LA203 Apartment 3 rooms 65.95 m² 8.02 m² 2 €282,000
CP6209LB403 Apartment 4 rooms 80.91 m² 14.00 m² 4 €342,000
CP6209LA303 Apartment 3 rooms 65.95 m² 8.02 m² 3 €287,000
CP6209LA103 Apartment 3 rooms 65.95 m² 8.02 m² 1 €277,000
CP6209LA202 Apartment 3 rooms 66.87 m² 9.63 m² 2 €287,000

Vizion - Bat A B & C - Hors allotement


Apartment 4 rooms

5-9 Rue du Rempart - ZAC Maille Horizon Nord, 93160 Noisy-le-Grand

Perfectly integrated into its contemporary environment, the residence reveals a design and modern architecture. The apartments, from studio to 5-room, offer unique panoramic views of distant horizons and beautiful views of the Marne valley, while enjoying a calm and green environment. Close to shops and public transport, you will benefit from the proximity of all school services and facilities from early childhood to higher education.

All the apartments in the residence benefit from generous and functional volumes, favouring space, comfort and optimal light. The outdoor spaces in the form of loggias or terraces will allow you to enjoy a private outdoor space by extending the living rooms with warm spaces.

Close to shops, services, sports facilities, leisure activities...

Vizion - Bat A B & C - Hors allotement
Direct price

From €369,000*

To €398,000*

Floor: 1 to 5 Int: 84.50 m² Ext: 24.50 m² Exp: South Pinel Terrace
4 available lots
Reference Type Surface (Int) Surface (Ext) Floor Price*
CP6109LA101 Apartment 4 rooms 84.50 m² 24.50 m² 1 €369,000
CP6109LA201 Apartment 4 rooms 84.50 m² 24.50 m² 2 €372,000
CP6109LA501 Apartment 4 rooms 84.50 m² 24.50 m² 5 €398,000
CP6109LA301 Apartment 4 rooms 84.50 m² 24.50 m² 3 €374,000

Le Mansart


Apartment 2 rooms to 4 rooms

23 Rue du Brayer, 93160 Noisy-le-Grand

This charming 4-storey building complex, built from the ground floor, has always seemed to be part of the residential landscape of this central district. This project consists of 2 residences housing 86 apartments from studio to 4-room. Enhanced by their common features, these residences, full of character, are nevertheless enriched by compositional details that give each one its own personality. With a parking lot slipped into the basement, the property offers its residents the pleasure of a beautiful green setting in the heart of the islet.

The second residence echoes the classic codes of the surrounding building while offering a large visual breakthrough on the heart of the hilly landscaped islet. Insulated by an elegant barred gate lined with hedges, this common garden covered with lawn is inspired by an orchard. During the harvest season, it is the meeting point for young and old at the feet of plum, cherry and apple trees! It coexists harmoniously with the private gardens, bordered by country hedges, offering an additional space of freedom to the ground floor apartments.

In a search for harmony, the interior of the apartments opens through large bay windows onto private gardens, terraces or balconies. The boundaries between inside and outside are thus forgotten, allowing natural light to take its full place in the private sphere. The rational and optimized design of the space has made it possible to make the most of the volumes. A marked separation of the day rooms and bedrooms is made to the benefit of everyone's privacy, not without offering everyone the privilege of enjoying a pleasant family life. These beautiful volumes, with well-designed plans, benefit from a demanding selection of interior services guaranteeing comfort, well-being and safety.

Close to shops, services, sports facilities, leisure activities...

Le Mansart
Direct price

From €198,900*

To €374,300*

Floor: 2 to 4 Int: 44.30 m² to 78.80 m² Ext: 3.05 m² to 12.00 m² Exp: South North South-East North-East Pinel Terrace Balcony
7 available lots
Reference Type Surface (Int) Surface (Ext) Floor Price*
CP5969LC24 Apartment 3 rooms 57.40 m² 3.05 m² 2 €266,300
CP5969LC21 Apartment 2 rooms 45.55 m² 3.05 m² 2 €204,700
CP5969LC34 Apartment 3 rooms 57.45 m² 3.05 m² 3 €271,500
CP5969LC41 Apartment 4 rooms 76.75 m² 6.70 m² 4 €350,100
CP5969LC25 Apartment 2 rooms 44.30 m² 3.05 m² 2 €198,900
CP5969LC32 Apartment 3 rooms 60.60 m² 3.05 m² 3 €270,400
CP5969LC43 Apartment 4 rooms 78.80 m² 12.00 m² 4 €374,300

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