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Apartment 3 rooms

33 Avenue de la Plaine des Sports, 95800 Cergy-Pontoise

The residence and its resolutely contemporary look are perfectly integrated into the privileged environment of the eco-neighbourhood. An assertive design, facades with simple and elegant lines, punctuated by volumes of different heights, large balconies opening onto the aisles....

A crossing entrance hall welcomes you in a friendly atmosphere and provides the link between the street and the garden. The two buildings of the residence each have a large shared landscaped terrace, heralding great moments to share with family, friends and neighbours.

Near Paris.

Direct price €244,000* Developer
Floor: 5 Int: 64.40 m² Ext: 6.20 m² Exp: South-West Pinel Loggia Terrace
1 available lots
Reference Type Surface (Int) Surface (Ext) Floor Price*
CP6726LC052 Apartment 3 rooms
Floor: 5 Int: 64.40 m² Ext: 6.20 m² Exp: South-West Pinel Loggia Terrace
Direct price Developer €244,000*

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