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Apartment 2 rooms

29 Boulevard de Lattre de Tassigny, 83310 Cogolin
Direct price €195,000* Developer

It is 450 m from the town hall that this new real estate program is being developed.

Here, you are surrounded by all the places of interest that make everyday life easy and pleasant: restaurants, local shops, services...

Built on 2 single floors from a basement parking lot, the residence hosts apartments from 2 to 5 room duplexes.

His writing allows him to connect smoothly with neighbouring buildings. In a concern of harmony with the district, it is punctuated by loggias cutting the general volume into smaller distinct volumes.

The balconies overlooking the public space and their sandblasted glass edges also enliven the facades with their overhang. Associated with aged canal tile roofs, joinery and off-white shutters, create the union between these sequences.

With its U-shape underlined by a central overhang, the building envelops its interior volumes in the heart of a landscaped island.

The shared garden of the property complements the outdoor spaces that extend the apartments.

In a region where the weather is so mild, it is an additional asset that we savour without moderation, especially as it comes to temper the summer heat with its freshness.

The Mediterranean essences of which it is planted assure you a spectacle as beautiful as it is good throughout the seasons.

Les Nouveaux Constructeurs - Cote D'azur
Floor: 1 Int: 41.92 m² Ext: 8.21 m² Exp: West Pinel Terrace

Property information

Type Apartment
Number of rooms 2
Surface 41.92 m²
External surface 8.21 m²
Floor 1
Direct developer price €195,000*
Delivery date 4/2020
*Legal information on prices and stock: Prices and availability of the lots communicated by the promoters, subject to permanent evolutions and updates.
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CP5742LC105 Apartment 2 rooms
Floor: 1 Int: 39.27 m² Ext: 4.33 m² Exp: North Pinel Terrace
Direct price Developer €185,000*
CP5742LA006 Apartment 3 rooms
Floor: 0(Ground floor) Int: 73.95 m² Ext: 18.56 m² Exp: West Pinel Terrace
Direct price Developer €285,000*
CP5742LA109 Apartment 3 rooms
Floor: 1 Int: 49.70 m² Ext: 5.99 m² Exp: North Pinel Terrace
Direct price Developer €230,000*
CP5742LA102 Apartment 3 rooms
Floor: 1 Int: 61.45 m² Ext: 8.12 m² Exp: West Pinel Terrace
Direct price Developer €255,000*

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