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5 Rue Pasteur



Apartment 4 rooms

Rue Maurice Berteaux, 78711 Mantes-la-Ville
Direct price €232,700* Developer

Set in a one-way cobblestone street, this residence is composed of 2 residences of 4 floors. They offer apartments from studio to 4-room. This project draws its timeless character from a composition mixing regional architectural codes and contemporary influences. Offering several different scales, the building catches the eye of passers-by in many ways: a base set into a stone facing, very authentic wooden shutters, facades sequenced by alternating solid parts in white plaster and recesses in grey plaster offering more depth to the overhanging balconies... not forgetting the contrast of the top floor with its attic that unites the crowning of the complex while blurring its perception of height. Its spacious, winding terraces are shaded by the eaves of a roof topped with anthracite tiles.

The volumes of this project are set back from the street, behind an elegant bar grid. They keep traffic at a respectable distance to offer serenity and intimacy to the occupants of the garden floor. A curtain of hedges asserts from the outset this desire for peace and quiet as well as oxygenation of the district.

At the rear of the property, the 2 residences extend perpendicular to the street volumes. This T-shaped composition allows for a pleasant island heart, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It gives way to soft connections and private gardens. An alley between the 2 residences leads residents and visitors to aerial parking spaces that are very discreet under their green pergolas. It also serves the entrance halls of the buildings located in the interior part. Vehicle access to the private car park in the basement also includes a bicycle room.

For an even more qualitative outdoor life, small gardens have been privatized for the benefit of the apartments occupying the threshold of the residences. Confirmed by evergreen hedges, these are small, private corners of nature where you can savour the attractions of the outdoors as soon as the weather turns nice: lazing around on your own, relaxing with your family, entertaining friends under the stars... Real privileges in the urban environment of the Paris Region!

Les Nouveaux Constructeurs Prescipteurs
Floor: 1 Int: 83.74 m² Ext: 7.86 m² Pinel Outdoor parking Balcony Terrace

Property information

Type Apartment
Number of rooms 4
Surface 83.74 m²
External surface 7.86 m²
Floor 1
Direct developer price €232,700*
Delivery date 2/2021
*Legal information on prices and stock: Prices and availability of the lots communicated by the promoters, subject to permanent evolutions and updates.
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Floor: 1 Int: 83.74 m² Ext: 7.86 m² Pinel Outdoor parking Balcony Terrace
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