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Apartment 2 rooms to 5 rooms

67 Rue Henri Barbusse, 93370 Montfermeil

Residence with refined and contemporary architecture, offering apartments ranging from studios to 5-room duplexes with balconies, terraces and private gardens.

Close to quality school facilities, numerous shops, two fresh produce markets....

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CP6337L116 Apartment 2 rooms
Floor: 1 Int: 39.86 m² Ext: 4.36 m² Exp: North-East VTA 5.5% Terrace
Direct price Developer €136,000*
CP6337L136 Apartment 3 rooms
Floor: 3 Int: 59.22 m² Ext: 3.01 m² Exp: North-West VTA 5.5% Loggia
Direct price Developer €181,000*
CP6337L111 Apartment 3 rooms
Floor: 1 Int: 61.55 m² Ext: 5.90 m² Exp: North-East VTA 5.5% Loggia Terrace
Direct price Developer €183,000*
CP6337L145 Apartment 3 rooms
Floor: 4 Int: 58.88 m² Ext: 3.01 m² Exp: North-West VTA 5.5% Loggia
Direct price Developer €184,000*
CP6337L101 Apartment 5 rooms
Floor: 0(Garden level) Int: 84.75 m² Ext: 44.43 m² Exp: South-West VTA 5.5% Terrace Garden
Direct price Developer €265,000*
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*Legal information on prices and stock: Prices and availability of the lots communicated by the promoters, subject to permanent evolutions and updates.**CleverPlace is a collaborative platform selling new real estate, as such we receive commercial fees like any other distributor on the market. CleverPlace has chosen to refund to its buyers, o its buyers, 45% of the commissions received by CleverPlace during a purchase on the platform.
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